Published: Sun, June 10, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Wayne Curry

Amazon Fire TV Cube is an Alexa Powered Universal Remote

Amazon Fire TV Cube is an Alexa Powered Universal Remote

It's honestly surprising it has taken Amazon almost four years to combine the functionality of a Fire TV digital media player and Echo smart speaker into one extremely versatile Alexa-controlled device.

The Amazon FIre TV Cube looks like an interesting device.

Voice responses from Alexa get enhanced with visuals and optimized for visibility across the room with the Echo Show.

Amazon Fire TV Cube is available for pre-order starting today for $119.99 and ships with an IR extender cable and Ethernet adapter beginning on June 21. But Amazon is offering it for $89.99 for Prime members until Friday. The Fire TV Cube can use Alexa to answer queries and play some music if you want, but it's a Fire TV device first, and it's connected to your TV to control that equipment and you can even play music that way if you want to listen with better speakers.

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The Echo Look hands-free camera features built-in LED lighting, depth-sensing.

Since it supports HDMI-CEC, it can turn your TV on, go to particular content, run Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, ESPN, FOX NOW, SHOWTIME, STARZ, PlayStation Vue, CBS All Access, NBC and more, as long as the app works with Alexa.

Amazon has already carved out a spot in many living rooms with its Fire TV set-top boxes and streaming sticks-without divulging numbers, Amazon claims it has sold the most video streaming devices by units. Voice search is also supported, not to mention all the typical Alexa tricks, like weather forecasts, news and smart home device controls. Yes, the Fire TV Cube also doubles up as a universal remote, sweet! The company says cable boxes from providers such as Comcast, Dish, and DirecTV are all supported. Another plus: since it's created to hook up to a TV, users can easily control and view smart camera feeds. Meet the Fire TV Cube, a device that marries Alexa and 4K video streaming in a single device.

Initially, the Echo Look had debuted as a camera that was available through invites only, but throughout those trial months, the Echo Look has been improved and now also has an Echo Look smartphone app, which of course, you can purchase from Amazon's website.

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