Published: Sun, June 10, 2018
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Hochul Takes Helm of New York Senate, to Republican Displeasure

Hochul Takes Helm of New York Senate, to Republican Displeasure

It's something Corker acknowledged to reporters when he noted that "doing anything up here is like pushing a major boulder uphill".

On May 31, in the name of national security, the president passed steel and aluminum tariffs that threaten trade with the US's closest allies. They plan to push it through their think-tank, grassroots political network, and Hispanic libertarian group.

Corker says there's "no way" automobiles and the other imports are a national security threat. He pledged to veto an omnibus spending bill earlier this year.

As president, Donald Trump has insulted U.S. allies and top Republicans, threatened nuclear war on Twitter, shared top-secret intelligence with Russian Federation, and pushed immigration policies that are ripping apart families and damaging the US's image overseas.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., has not shared McConnell's enthusiasm for canceling the August recess. Politicians who support free-trade principles, regardless of party, "are people we're going to want to work with and work with more often".

Asked if those powers of persuasion were effective, Cornyn cracked a grin. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz. "If we believe our own rhetoric - on trade, tariffs and congressional prerogative - I hope it does come to a vote".

On May 31, Toomey took to Twitter to say Trump administration tariffs on steel and aluminum from Canada, the European Union and Mexico were "bad news".

The bill rolled out Wednesday requires the White "to submit to Congress any proposal to adjust imports in the interest of national security under Section 232 [of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962]".

Populist government sworn in, ending Italy's political deadlock
Mr Savona, an 81-year-old economist, had said previously that Italy should have a contingency plan to abandon the euro. The government will be formally handed over later on Friday and a confidence vote will take place later on this week.

"Mitch McConnell can't have it both ways he spends all his time bragging to his base that they've appointed more judges than anyone else and now he's saying they haven't pointed enough", the New York Democrat said.

The defense bill will be open for amendments, McConnell said, and "we'll see what happens as it moves across the floor".

A few hours later, Corker went ahead and filed the bill, along with seven other Republican senators and four Democrats.

Corker's effort has been bolstered by another strong-willed supporter: Pennsylvania GOP Sen. He said he also wants to take action on an immigration overhaul and legislation to revise policies that separate children from their families, but taking direct action is out of his hands.

"If the Senate is in session", Casey said Monday, "then I hope the Majority Leader would schedule votes on substantial issues, like infrastructure funding, measures to fight the opioid crisis and legislation to bring down the cost of health care, which keeps going up because of Republican sabotage".

The Senate is split between 31 members of the Democratic conference and 31 members in the Republican conference.

Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, a senior GOP appropriator and chairman of the Energy-Water spending subcommittee, said he did not know exactly how many weeks of August senators would end up being at the Capitol, but he suggested it should be dictated by the workload. Ten of those seats are in states won by Trump, including Nelson's here in Florida. By scheduling votes in Washington, senators face the choice of skipping votes to campaign in their home state or giving up on valuable campaign time to remain in Washington. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota. "We think we have a good chance of passing a number of appropriation bills, and in order to do and in order to deal with this nomination backlog it's necessary for us to be here in August".

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