Published: Fri, June 22, 2018
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Paul McCartney's Carpool Karaoke Is a Drive Down Memory Lane

Paul McCartney's Carpool Karaoke Is a Drive Down Memory Lane

While in Liverpool, McCartney took a trip down Penny Lane and showed Corden local landmarks including the church where he was a choir boy and his old barbershop.

"I had a dream in the 60s where my mom who died came to me in a dream and was reassuring me saying 'It's gonna be OK, just let it be.' I felt so, sort of, great and, like, 'Boy, it's gonna be great, ' you know?"

After getting back in the vehicle, Corden says Sir Paul's music is "so full of positivity and joy", and "more relevant now today than it's maybe ever been".

But perhaps the most powerful moment happens when McCartney and Corden sing "Let It Be" in the vehicle and Corden chokes up with tears. I felt so bad when it came out in the press - "Foo Fighters had a awful time, they hated the whole fucking thing".

Corden said it was the "most attractive story" he had ever heard, before singing a teary rendition of the song. "She gave me the positive word".

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While in the house, McCartney showed Corden where he and John Lennon would rehearse and write, and recounted the moment he and Lennon finished writing "She Loves You". "Couldn't you sing she loves you yes, yes, yes?' And we were like, no", said McCartney. I've never heard that.

'Oh man, it got me emotional there Paul, ' James said.

Paul directed James to the road he immortalized in song, Penny Lane, whose famous sign they autographed.

"If my granddad was here right now, he'd get an absolute kick out of this", Corden tells McCartney, reminiscing on hearing the song back when he was young. McCartney replied. More from their joy ride here.

"McCartney revealed: ". And he listened to the whole song, and he said: "It's very nice", he said.

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