Published: Sat, June 23, 2018
World News | By Laverne Osborne

News Priest Slaps Crying Baby During Baptism in Horrifying Video

News Priest Slaps Crying Baby During Baptism in Horrifying Video

The priest doesn't let go though, continuing to grasp the child's head as the father pulls him away before the video abruptly ends.

The person filming the ceremony is heard gasping as a man suspected to be the father tries to wrestle his baby from the priest.

The priest got irritated and was speaking loudly, in a bid to raise his voice over the screams.

No further details have been revealed about the family or whether or not the parents pressed charges for the priest's actions, nor has any representative from the Catholic Church released a statement regarding the priests behaviour. He then attempts to console the child by grabbing the boy's face and urging him to "calm down, calm down".

He repeatedly says "calm down" before suddenly slapping the baby hard in the face.

According to People, a Reddit user who originally uploaded the footage said the priest was French. Second, there was nooo reason to slap a child like that.

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The outraged relatives then stepped in and snatched the baby away from the priest, after watching on in shock. Seems like he was getting frustrated.

"This is disturbing, and has really upset me", another tweeted. "I would have gone ballistic if that was any of my kids".

"He does not slap the baby, the hand just bounces with a touch, not a slap force", another claimed.

The video shows the man vigorously dunking the small child into the water before being handed back to seemingly unperturbed parents.

The congregation gasps and admonishes him for his treatment of the child.

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