Published: Thu, July 05, 2018
Science | By Dan Gutierrez

Eastern Canada Heat Wave Continues, Causing Several Deaths In Montreal

Eastern Canada Heat Wave Continues, Causing Several Deaths In Montreal

This will be the most significant heat event in the past few years.

Nighttime will offer some relief each day with temperatures hovering around 20 C. The humidity will stick around though.

Montreal firefighters and police have been rolling out its emergency response efforts looking for people who may be at risk of health complications during this extreme heat wave.

And with the muggy temperatures expected to persist for at least another two days, authorities are urging people to remain vigilant. Maritime temperatures are expected to return to seasonal normals for the weekend. However, daytime highs in the low 30s will continue Tuesday through Thursday.

Thai rescuers locate missing boys and coach alive in cave
Two Thai medical workers have also joined the cave's occupants to keep them company and monitor their health, the SEALs added . Joining the British are other cave experts from around the world and teams from the US, Australia , China and elsewhere.

Lows in the 20s continue to provide "little or no relief from the heat", the agency said.

An area of high pressure is going to keep cool air locked in Canada for most of the week, AccuWeather reports. A high of 26 and low of 14 is expected in Toronto on Friday, Ms. Hobelman said, with a chance of showers and a thunderstorm.

"We can anticipate seeing more frequent heat alerts because the threshold has been lowered but that threshold is actually based on an up-to-date analysis of where we actually start to see impacts on human health", says Dr. Strang. Areas near the lake shores will be cooler. The risks are greater for young children, pregnant women, older adults, people with chronic illnesses and people working or exercising outdoors.

The Salvation Army was out at Gore Park handing out bottles of water reminding people to heed the warnings and protect themselves, and police have already received a number of calls including one on Appleby Line and Upper Middle Road in Burlington where they rescued a dog from a hot auto where the temperature was 66 degrees.

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