Published: Mon, August 06, 2018
World News | By Laverne Osborne

Ford government scrapping basic income pilot project

Ford government scrapping basic income pilot project

In the intermediate term, the government will provide current Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program recipients with an across-the-board 1.5 per cent increase in support rates to help them with a higher cost of living.

Ontario's minister of children, community and social services just announced that the Canadian province's landmark basic income pilot project would be terminated.

She blamed the former Liberal government for creating an assistance system that spent money on "handouts that actually do little if anything to break the cycle of poverty".

"Our plan will help get people back to work and keep them working, while supporting people with disabilities to work when they are able and participate in their communities", MacLeod said in a press release.

Sue Garvey, executive director of Cornerstone Housing for Women, said lowering the increase could mean approximately $20 to $30 less per month for people in need of direct support.

"Look, what I'm announcing today is about restoring dignity to Ontarians". Said Schreiner. "Making cuts on the backs of our most vulnerable citizens will damage people's lives and end up costing the province more in health care, policing and emergency services".

In their pre-election budget, the Liberals set the increase for social assistance at three per cent. She wouldn't say how much the smaller rate hike would save the government, for instance, though that's something her ministry would surely have calculated. Ms. MacLeod said she didn't yet have details on how or when the project would end. That translates to a minimum annual income of $17,000 in Canadian dollars (about $13,000 US) for single people, $24,000 for married couples.

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MacLeod said she killed the project because it isn't sufficiently aligned with the Ford government's focus on moving on welfare into jobs. She did, however, claim that the government would be working toward a new and better solution for families "in 100 days".

"It's appalling that the government wouldn't see the pilot through; it's only got another year and a half". If rates stay frozen, that would save $550 million next year and $1.2 billion the year after that, compared with what the Liberals expected to spend.

He said a Basic Income reduces red tape for the poor, saves money in healthcare and decreases the burden on the criminal justice system.

Ms. Power was troubled because Mr. Ford promised during the campaign not to cancel the pilot project.

The Official Opposition attacked the move, warning that it would send more people into homelessness.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said the government's plan was "appalling" and would push people who were already struggling into deeper poverty.

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