Published: Tue, August 07, 2018
World News | By Laverne Osborne

Daimler abandons Iran expansion plans as sanctions bite

Daimler abandons Iran expansion plans as sanctions bite

"If there is sincerity, Iran has always welcomed dialogue and negotiations", Rouhani said, according to CNN. "Individuals or entities that fail to wind down activities with Iran risk severe consequences".

Trump renewed his attack on the global nuclear pact, calling it "a terrible, one-sided deal" that "failed to achieve the fundamental objective of blocking all paths to an Iranian nuclear bomb", while giving it "a lifeline of cash" when earlier sanctions were lifted.

"I remain open to reaching a more comprehensive deal that addresses the full range of the regime's malign activities, including its ballistic missile program and its support for terrorism", Trump said.

The unilateral withdrawal came despite other parties to the agreement - Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the European Union - pleading with Trump not to abandon the pact aimed at blocking Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Hailing the law, Mr Burt said it would protect European businesses.

"Consistent with President Trump's decision, the administration will be reimposing specified sanctions after August 6, the final day of the 90-day wind-down period", the White House said.

European Union diplomatic chief Federica Mogherini said the bloc, as well as Britain, France and Germany, deeply regretted the move by Washington.

The measures are expected to hit Iran's economy hard, with the country already reeling from high unemployment and inflation. The country's rial currency has tanked, and the downturn has sparked protests across the nation.

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"There is a clear interest around the world", one staffer said.

President Trump said on Monday the United States was "fully committed to enforcing all of our sanctions" and would aim "to ensure complete compliance". He added: "US hypocrisy knows no bounds".

USA officials insisted the American government stands with the people of Iran and supports many of their complaints against their own government. The administration insists that a "change of behaviour", and not regime change, is the goal, but John Bolton, Mr Trump's national security adviser, has promoted regime change in the past and there is little to indicate that...

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo testifies before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, July 25, 2018. "That's the ask", said Pompeo on Sunday ahead of the re-imposition.

He said that "there's no evidence today of a change in their behavior", and in the meantime "we're going to enforce the sanctions".

"There will be pressure because of sanctions, but we will overcome this with unity".

"If you're an enemy and you stab the other person with a knife, and then you say you want negotiations, then the first thing you have to do is remove the knife", he told state television.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the sanctions symbolize "the determination to block Iran's regional aggression as well as its continuous plans to arm itself with nuclear weapons".

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