Published: Wed, August 08, 2018
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German couple jailed after selling son for sex on the internet

German couple jailed after selling son for sex on the internet

Three German men and one Swiss citizen have already been convicted in separate trials.

In a case that shocked the country and raised serious questions about child protection services in Germany, the regional court in Freiburg sentenced the boy's mother, Berrin Taha, to 12-and-a-half years in prison.

Diaz received a 10-year prison sentence for 14 counts of aggravated sexual assault, one count of rape and one count of bodily harm while making child pornography.

The 39-year-old admitted the 100-page charge sheet was accurate, except for a few minor details, saying that he had put pressure on his girlfriend to allow her son to be raped and abused by men they found online.

The pair and six others were arrested last fall.

BBC reports that the woman, Christian L, 39, was sentenced to 12 years and six months, while her husband, the boy's stepfather, Berrin T, 48, was jailed 12 years. The court ruled that the man, who had a previous conviction for child sex offenses, must remain in preventive custody after serving his sentence.

A Spanish man was on Monday (Aug 6) sentenced by the court to 10 years behind bars for repeatedly sexually abusing the young boy.

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The stepfather has a previous conviction for paedophilia, the AFP reported.

In the following months, the court said, the woman organized assaults on a 2-year-old girl she occasionally looked after.

Local authorities have been accused of failing to protect the boy from his abusive parents, after officials removed him from his home, but returned him back weeks later.

The 33-year-old was also ordered to pay 18,000 euros (US$20,800) to the young victim.

According to case psychiatrist Hartmut Pleines, quoted by Spiegel, the mother's claim that she was in thrall to her partner when she committed the abuse was false.

Police in the town of Baden-Württemberg reported they had arrested a number of suspects in September 2017, reported Deutsche Welle.

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