Published: Thu, August 30, 2018
Finance | By Cynthia Curry

Elon Musk reignites 'pedo' claims against United Kingdom cave diver

Elon Musk reignites 'pedo' claims against United Kingdom cave diver

Elon Musk tweeted on Tuesday asking whether it was "strange" that the British rescue diver he accused of being a "pedo" last month still hasn't sued him. "He was offered free legal services.' Unsworth's attorney called Musk's tweets 'false and defamatory" in the letter. "According to a subsequent Twitter post, you did so out of anger".

In a new tweet, Musk asked a Twitter user "You don't think it's odd he hasn't sued me?"

"And Musk, I hear you", she concluded.

Musk was responding to a Forbes article shared on Twitter and written by Amy Nelson, the founder and CEO of workspace company The Riveter.

Congratulations to Musk, who continues to play himself.

"So you actually did nothing and yet imply you are a truth-seeker", wrote Mr Musk. One read: "Sorry pedo guy, you really did ask for it".

But some observers have suggested Mr Musk should curtail his use of social media bearing in mind he has said he is working 120-hour weeks, is under great stress and is making use of the sedative Ambien. Musk's Twitter page has been prone to these tweets, as the platform lacks moderation or voting mechanisms, allowing for scammers to reach the top of the reply chain easily.

Elon Musk renews 'pedo' controversy, asks if it's 'strange' the British diver hasn't sued
Elon Musk is back to insinuating Thai cave diver is a “pedo”

Reports that emerged after the tweet and a statement from Musk suggested that, at the time of the tweet, he did not have legally-binding agreements in place that would provide enough funding to convert Tesla into a private company.

Musk's weird allegation came after Unsworth accused Musk of using the Thai cave rescue ordeal to stage a publicity stunt.

In it, Wood says he is "in the process of preparing a civil complaint for libel" against Musk on Unsworth's behalf.

Musk started 17 days of drama when he tweeted on August 7 that he had "funding secured" to take Tesla private, without sharing evidence that investor money was indeed lined up.

But everything was reignited on Tuesday, when ― after saying he totally, definitely, for sure didn't cry during a recent New York Times interview ― Musk further attacked Unsworth, suggesting it was true that he's a pedophile because he hadn't tried to sue.

Lawyers have warned the tweet may have broken a law that bans public companies from announcing plans to buy or sell securities if executives do not intend or do not have the means to complete the deal, or if they are trying to manipulate the stock price.

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