Published: Thu, August 30, 2018
World News | By Laverne Osborne

Trump Says No Reason to Resume Military Exercises With South Korea

Trump Says No Reason to Resume Military Exercises With South Korea

Turns out you can't just smile for the cameras and pretend that you negotiated a peace agreement that no one has been able to accomplish in three-quarters of a century.

Meanwhile, satellite imagery of the country suggests that North Korea may actually be continuing or increasing its production of nuclear material. At the time, Trump cited lack of progress on denuclearization as the reason. There's gonna have to be a negotiation.

Seoul's joint chiefs of staff said Wednesday after the Chinese plane trespassed into the Korea Strait area of the KADIZ, it "repeatedly entered and left" Korean airspace.

After the conclusion of the June summit, Trump declared that North Korea was "no longer a Nuclear Threat".

A bullet train system in North Korea could take at least five years to build and cost up to $20 billion, according to experts and railway executives.

Pompeo reportedly then showed the missive to Trump.

Mattis went on to explained Tuesday the US had suspended the large-scale military drills and but "did not suspend the rest".

Even so, North Korean state media has not criticized Trump himself, and Trump continues to speak of Kim with respect.

Speaking to reporters in Singapore earlier this month, Chinese Foreign Minister dismissed concern that trade frictions between the two global powers will affect their cooperation on North Korea.

A Japanese official said he could not comment on meetings with intelligence officials.

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Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said McCain's support for the Jewish state "never wavered. Taiwan mourns the death of McCain and wishes the best for the McCain family, the statement said.

Trump went on to allege that Beijing continues to provide various types of assistance to the North, including supplying fuel, fertilizer and "various other commodities" thus effectively undermining the USA policy of "maximum pressure".

Trump downplayed all this talk, however, saying he thinks his relationship with Kim is "doing well".

In his first press conference at the Pentagon since April, Mattis also took questions on USA military policy toward Yemen, Turkey and Iran. As CCN reported, a report out of South Korea claimed that North Korea had stolen tens of millions of dollars worth of coins from cryptocurrency exchanges.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has expressed his readiness to have a summit with Kim to discuss the decades-old issue. We are witnessing a dramatic realignment of global interests moving away from American ones. Since most wargames in South Korea simulate an invasion of North Korea, they do indeed tend to raise tensions significantly.

A South Korea presidential spokesperson acknowledged that talks between Washington and Pyongyang were at a stalemate.

"You have seen our administration act twice on the use of chemical weapons", Mattis said.

Trump's refusal to direct criticism at North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and instead blame other parties for a lack of progress comes despite reports the USA received a belligerent letter from Pyongyang, which prompted Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to cancel a planned trip to North Korea last weekend.

-South Korea military exercises on the Korean Peninsula as a good faith gesture to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un after the two met at the Singapore Summit on June 12.

"The KDB unit said North Korea may have tried to mine bitcoin between May and July a year ago, but the attempt appears to have been unsuccessful", the publication added.

Diplomacy is a lot of work. "South Korea war games", it added. His complete and utter incompetence will undoubtedly create infinitely more problems for generations to come.

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