Published: Tue, September 18, 2018
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London Mayor calls for a second referendum on Brexit

London Mayor calls for a second referendum on Brexit

On the other hand, non-EU countries like India are subject to a strict visa regime and quotas under specific categories.

Khan said: "The need for another public vote on Brexit was never inevitable, or something I ever thought I'd have to call for".

"The message from the British people was very simple".

Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz stressed his willingness to see a deal done on Monday, saying: "I think that we agree that we have to do everything possible to avoid a hard Brexit and to make possible that there will be a strong cooperation between the United Kingdom and the European Union".

"But I can say at this point, without disclosing any numbers, is that clouds on the horizon have not become lighter but darker", she said.

"I'm an old-fashioned girl: if the government can't govern, there should be a general election".

Writing in the Observer newspaper, Khan said British Prime Minister Theresa May's government looked "unprepared and out of its depth" in negotiations with Brussels on its future relationship with the EU.

"I've got grievances about how the campaign was conducted but the reality is the public had a say, and they voted to leave".

Russia: UK's novichok interview allegations 'absurd'
The told RT that they were only in Salisbury for tourism, and wanted to see the cathedral, its clock, and nearby Stonehenge. The Kremlin added that if Britain was to make a request to interview the two men, it would consider it.

"The pressures being put on our services by immigration from the European Union has meant that tough limits have been put in place on immigration from outside the EU".

She said the people of Northern Ireland deserved to be listened to in the Brexit negotiations.

"Once we take back control of our borders and "Vote Leave", we can have an immigration system that is fair to all and allows us to bring in the brightest and the best from across the world", she said. During the referendum campaign, some politicians courted voters from the South Asian diaspora with promises that Brexit - by enabling Britain to restrict the rights of European Union citizens to travel to the United Kingdom - could provide the government with the capacity to ease rules for those from non-EU countries.

Britain's economy - the world's fifth-biggest - slowed after the 2016 referendum decision to leave the European Union and it continues to be outpaced by most other rich nations. "We are open to discussing other backstops, so we can discuss this text, we can make changes to it", he told them of the EU's former plan.

Speaking to BBC's Andrew Marr earlier today, he said: "Let me tell you the facts, which are that the police now are preparing for the possibility of civil unrest".

"There's a difference between those who think you can only be bloody hard in public, and those who think actually you bide your time, and you're bloody hard when the time is right - and when it really matters", she said. Johnson wrote in Monday's Daily Telegraph that May's Brexit negotiations were heading for a "spectacular political auto crash" that would leave Britain in "the ditch with a total write-off of Brexit".

Requirements for a "backstop" arrangement at the Irish border, contained in December's agreement between Mrs May and European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, would leave the United Kingdom a "vassal state" of the EU, the former foreign secretary warned.

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