Published: Thu, September 27, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Wayne Curry

Oculus Quest Standalone Wireless VR Headset Ships In 2019 For $399

Oculus Quest Standalone Wireless VR Headset Ships In 2019 For $399

The Oculus Quest checks off those boxes, with zero cables, full-room tracking and PC-like motion controls. Those limitations aren't a major issue if you're doing something like watching a 360-degree video, but they don't permit more fully interactive experiences such as fancy games.

The fifth Oculus Connect conference is going on now, and it gave viewers their first look at the next iteration of Facebook's VR headset: the Oculus Quest.

One of the biggest barriers to entry for VR so far has been the price. We'll have more as the story develops today at Oculus Connect. It's priced affordably (relative to the industry) at $399 and comes with six degrees of freedom - meaning the headset tracks the position of your head, not just its rotation. But it's the same price as the Oculus Rift that tethers users to a PC. Games and software designed for Quest, and future Oculus headsets, will still work on the original Rift. It also has 64GB of storage and a display resolution of 1600x1440 per eye. These sensors also allow Quest to go beyond roomscale, with Oculus saying it can go into a 4,000 square feet room.

However, in a rare self-deprecating moment on stage, Zuckerberg recalled setting a goal of getting a billion people into virtual reality after buying Oculus some four years ago in a deal valued then at $2 billion - before admitting things hadn't gone according to plan.

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Unfortunately, during the Quest's announcement at Oculus Connect 5, Zuckerberg didn't mention what kind of internals or optics the Quest is packing. Speaking of the future, Oculus also announced that the Quest is capable of mixed reality.

Nevertheless, the Santa Cruz demo from last year's show was impressive.

Oculus vice president Hugo Barra said Quest combined the capabilities of Rift and the portability of Go, the current headgear in the company's lineup, with a strong focus on games.

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