Published: Wed, October 03, 2018
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Tom Hardy's Venom Gets Mixed Early Reactions From Movie Critics

Tom Hardy's Venom Gets Mixed Early Reactions From Movie Critics

Ryan also touched on the, ahem, odd dynamic between Eddie and Venom: "The whole movie is Venom telling Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock over and over 'I'm hungry, Eddie".

- Scott Mendelson, ForbesVenom wasn't as bad as everyone was saying it was going to be. Either way, I laughed a lot. The first act moves pretty darn quick, the second act is nearly entirely one extended chase sequence followed by exposition and another couple action sequences, and it culminates in a third act where characters suddenly soften and basically say, "Aw, hell..." Not sure I had the intended reaction to some scenes objective fun is fun - even when it's totally ridiculous, right? "Post-credit scene is [fire]". Now, we're making a big deal out of bonus footage. It's not 'good, ' but it's better than expected. "But I will say that I look forward to future movies where said character could perhaps run across Venom".

Tom Hardy plays the leading role in the movie.

Venom IS a slightly ridiculous character (in the way many great comic book figures are), and while it's not clear just how much intent there was, it seems the movie itself is fairly ridiculous too. This is not "good" but it is better than expected. That their assertions are different to that of the film's star and all the press releases that came out early in the film's production though, makes it sound like studio backpedalling and PR rather than an honest assessment of the actual movie. "They never made it in".

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- Perri Nemiroff, ColliderAt one point Tom Hardy and Venom make out.

"I am fascinated by Venom". Some have called the movie "a complete failure" and "Catwoman-level bad", urging people to cancel their pre-booked tickets. I kinda enjoyed watching this movie, in the manner of Rocky Horror.

Venom starts too slowly and it's hard to see what Hardy is trying to achieve by playing Brock as a schlub with chronic ADD and voicing Venom as Darth Vader with laryngitis.

The social embargo for Venom has lifted, which means those that have seen the film are now free to give their short-form Twitter thoughts on the long-in-the-works Marvel Comics adaptation.

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