Published: Wed, October 10, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Wayne Curry

Microsoft Announces Game-Streaming Service Project xCloud

Microsoft Announces Game-Streaming Service Project xCloud

It reasons that no other medium is locked to one device, as console games are.

The future of gaming just came a step closer, as Microsoft announces its new streaming service that lets you play Xbox games on the go. The challenge is, of course, making the games available to stream.

Project xCloud is created to let you stream games anywhere - whether you're on PC, console, or even your phone. Project xCloud, as it's called, will allow "console quality games" to work across multiple devices, including PCs, tablets, and mobiles, and it's set to launch next year.

The goal is to deliver "high-quality experiences" at the "lowest possible bit-rate", while Microsoft engineers are looking to combat latency via video encoding and decoding.

Whatever the case, we will find out how it all works in 2019, when Microsoft will start public trials of Project xCloud.

But what is Project xCloud? Azure is their trump card, a cloud computing service used to test and deploy Microsoft software globally, and Xbox consoles have apparently been integrated into their mechanism.

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That said, the announcement does promise playable games on 4G connections, as well as 5G in the future. Microsoft has positioned the service as a way for people to play games without having to worry about what device they own, while Xbox followed the "offer strong exclusives or die" mantra. Xbox and Project xCloud merely share a letter. The immersive nature of console and PC games often requires controls that are mapped to multiple keys, buttons, sticks and triggers.

Currently, the test experience is running at 10 megabits per second.

It's clear that Microsoft is pouring a lot of money into xCloud's funding.

Nintendo uses streaming as well to stream games to the Nintendo Switch. "We will scale those custom blades in data centers across Azure regions over time", said Microsoft.

MICROSOFT HAS OFFICIALLY taken the covers off its gaming streaming service, which it has dubbed Project xCloud; yep, someone ran out of credits at the imagination bank.

A co-worker adds, "But we know not everyone in the world is going to go out and buy a gaming console".

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