Published: Mon, October 15, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Wayne Curry

Google Pixel 3 & Pixel 3 XL will get Android updates till 2021

Google Pixel 3 & Pixel 3 XL will get Android updates till 2021

Sadly, that's still a no-show this time around, and the release of this new device suggests one targeting an even older device probably isn't forthcoming. However, if you already own a Pixel device and are planning to upgrade, it would be wise wait awhile.

Google has confirmed previous reports, affirming its new Pixel 3 and 3XL smartphones will only feature gesture-based navigation controls.

The Pixel 3 has two screen sizes - 5.5 inches and 6.3 inches - but identical features and performance. This design decision wasn't just for aesthetics; the Pixel 3 supports wireless charging now, too.

What colours do the Pixel 3 & Pixel 3 XL come in? Some of the new features will be made available immediately, while some Pixel 3 features will be rolled out to the old Pixel phones a few months later. Like the iPhone, Google's new blower put a notch at the top to include the front-facing camera and speaker whilst still removing bezels from around the rest of the phone.

Real-time translation is a cool and useful feature. Now you will be able to get better-looking photos without relying on your camera flash.

Hi, folks - Isaac here from the Pixel Camera engineering team.

Saudi King Salman thanks Erdoğan for joint working group on Khashoggi
The affair has already seen the New York Times , Financial Times , Bloomberg , CNN and CNBC withdraw from the FII conference. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has aggressively pitched the kingdom as a destination for foreign investment.

Google has added StarHub as a second telco partner for the Pixel 3 launch here. In contrast, the Pixel 3 XL, opens at INR 83,000 (USD 1,120) for the 64GB variant, and for the 128GB storage variant, consumers have to cough up to a staggering INR 92,000 (USD 1,242). It uses Google Assistant to help users dodge spam and unwanted calls. You'll see a transcript of the caller's responses in real-time. I just tried it with my Essential phone and the Pixel USB-C earbuds and it works like it does on the Pixel 3. Smart Compose is integrated into Gmail and has been available to desktop users.

SpiderTechnician visited a Verizon Store and tested out the Pixel 3 on display there. Google hasn't yet discussed prices for its Pixel phones. That said, Google packed in some impressive new features and capabilities to make them nearly Pixel flawless.

Google though has chosen to let its vast expertise in AI to set the rules of the game and offers several pre-set software modes to allow for excellent photos in a varying lighting conditions.

One notable functionality that is now missing from said app is the ability to record sound with an external microphone - those who wish to capture better audio through an external mic have to sacrifice photo and video quality and rely on using third-party camera apps.

Whether the Pixel 3's big reveal was a surprise or not, there's plenty for Google Android fans to get excited about, even if, on pure specs, the improvements are more incremental than monumental.

With the Pixel 2 duo, both come with a dual lens selfie camera comprising of an 8-megapixel standard lens and another wide angle lens also of 8-megapixel resolution. Droid Life first spotted the key change on Google's Pixel Bud page.

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