Published: Thu, October 18, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Wayne Curry

After 7 years, Palm releases a new phone...somewhat

After 7 years, Palm releases a new phone...somewhat

Looking to spend less time on your phone?

The Palm phone comes with the price tag of $350 (Rs. 25,740 approx.) for the unlocked version, and $299 with a two-year contract.

Palm is just one of the smartphone makers that the iPhone-Android duo killed over the past decade - the list also includes several noteworthy names like BlackBerry, Nokia, and Microsoft's smartphone efforts. It didn't. Palm was purchased by HP, shuttered, and sold off in name only to Chinese company TCL, where it resides today.

Right out of the gate Palm has a big face trying to sell you on the new device, and it's none other than the unanimous MVP and National Basketball Association champion Steph Curry who is also an advisor and investor with the brand.

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California-based Palm has launched the Palm Phone - a phone that measures the size of a credit card and goes along your regular smartphone. The idea behind the phone is to initiate de-addiction from your smartphone by having the main features in a smaller form factor with lighter UI. This new Android phone they're releasing exclusively to Verizon is meant to be your secondary device, a tiny little thing for the weekends. Now Palm has made a come back with a new smartphone which is the new "ultra-mobile" has more functions to perform than a smartwatch and is also more compact than the regular sized smartphone.

The cases for the phone have been designed by none other than Stephen Curry, which further goes to add to their appeal. On the main screen displays all apps in a cloud of icons. Another bummer is that it lacks 3.5mm jack, but you get Type-C and Bluetooth connectivity for audio.

Oh - and National Basketball Association star Stephen Curry has been brought in to promote the new Palm. It boasts a 3.3-inch HD LCD screen featuring 445ppi pixel density and Corning Gorilla Glass protection on both front and rear. As of now, there is no information on the launch/availability of the Palm Phone in India. When you're going for a workout at the gym, going for a hike in the country or working in your friend's garage, you may want to leave your expensive iPhone XS Max at home and only use the iPhone mini.

There's absolutely no marquee feature this tiny Palm has to offer. Before it shut down in 2011, the company brought some incredible innovations to the mobile digital device industry that inspired features of today's phones.

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