Published: Fri, October 26, 2018
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WWE explain why they're proceeding with Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia

WWE explain why they're proceeding with Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia

"Information from the Turkish side affirms that the suspects in Khashoggi's case premeditated their crime", the statement carried by state TV said.

The Foreign Ministry did not say what led the Saudi prosecutor to draw that conclusion, only that it was based on information shared by Turkish investigators working with Saudi officials in Turkey.

Meanwhile, two sources told Reuters that Central Intelligence Agency director Gina Haspel heard an audio recording of Khashoggi's killing during her visit to Turkey this week.

Turkish authorities briefed visiting Central Intelligence Agency chief Gina Haspel on the investigation into the killing and the evidence they have, a Turkish security official who was not authorized to speak to the media said on condition of anonymity.

Saudi officials initially denied having anything to do with Khashoggi's disappearance after he entered the consulate on October 2, before changing the official account to say an internal investigation suggested Khashoggi was accidentally killed in a botched operation to return him to the kingdom.

On Wednesday, the prince called the killing "heinous" and "painful to all Saudis" in his first extensive public remarks on the topic.

The disappearance of the dissident writer and subsequent admission by Saudi authorities that he was killed inside the kingdom's Istanbul consulate has overshadowed the conference, billed as the "Davos of the Desert", which aims to portray Saudi as a modern economy and attractive business destination.

The crown prince on Wednesday called the killing "repulsive".

'The Prime Minister said the current explanation lacks credibility so there remains an urgent need to establish exactly what happened, ' the spokesman said.

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In a televised address Wednesday, Khan said he secured a "great package" from Saudi Arabia. He said we are thankful to Saudi Arabia for helping us in this hard hour.

After first insisting Khashoggi left the consulate unharmed, Saudi authorities said he was killed in an argument that degenerated into a brawl.

Saudi officials admitted they brought in a body double to pose as Khashoggi, but claimed it was part of a plan to kidnap rather than to kill him.

This comes as Saudi prosecutors said the Mr Khashoggi's death was a premeditated crime.

"We are determined to punish those who are responsible for this murder", he says.

Questioned about MBS's possible involvement in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Trump said: "Well, the prince is running things over there more so at this stage".

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday in an address to parliament that the murder was "savage" and pre-planned. The two countries, while both allies of the USA, have taken opposing positions on crucial Middle East flash points.

The European Parliament passed a nonbinding resolution Thursday urging an EU-wide arms embargo on Saudi Arabia in response.

Meanwhile, the London, Ont. -based company that won the contract to supply Saudi Arabia with light armoured vehicles announced Thursday that it is laying off more three dozen employees.

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