Published: Sat, October 27, 2018
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Trump's equivocal response to pipe bombs is rogue element in midterms

Trump's equivocal response to pipe bombs is rogue element in midterms

The FBI is confirming that two additional suspicious packages, addressed to Rep. Maxine Waters, have been intercepted that are similar in appearance to five others that were received.

Although it will probably take some time before the Federal Bureau of Investigation can prove whether Sayoc was guilty and whether he acted alone, the arrest is a troubling reminder of the ways in which the President's toxic political ideas have become sources of inspiration for extremist individuals and organizations - even those who want to commit violence.

The U.S. Secret Service said Wednesday suspicious packages with what appeared to be live explosive devices were sent to addresses of former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and CNN. "Normally I'd scream, 'They want a socialist takeover!'" he said, mimicking his own bellicose delivery.

The FBI updated its tally in a tweet Wednesday night.

Mr. Trump condemned these threats on Wednesday.

Bomb squad and canine units joined Federal Bureau of Investigation agents late on Thursday to examine a sprawling U.S. mail distribution centre at Opa-Locka, northwest of Miami, Miami-Dade County police said. "By the way, do you see how nice I'm behaving tonight?" We have to come together.

"Any acts or threats of political violence are an attack on our democracy itself". "This egregious conduct is abhorrent to everything we hold dear and sacred as Americans". Attack ads remained on the air. However, the president has often targeted the intended recipients of the packages in rally speeches and on Twitter.

At the White House, Trump said he was impressed that the suspect was found so quickly.

Brennan replied Trump should stop blaming others and should "Look in the mirror".

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Presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin told Don Lemon that Trump had missed a chance to show leadership.

But Schumer said the move amounted to the administration "plainly" admitting that it intends "to use taxpayer dollars to fund junk insurance plans that don't cover pre-existing conditions, which could lead to medical bankruptcy for many American families, in order to pad the pockets of health insurance executives".

Democratic party, CNN and many other media outlets said that Trump's rhetoric and also his anti-press statement is responsible for the current divisive atmosphere in the country. The package had been addressed to Holder but the former Democratic Party national chairwoman was listed on the return address.

"When you stoke a narrative of separation and they're the enemy and we're the heroes, once you start stoking that there's always going to be a nutter or two out there that suddenly thinks he or she has been given justification by their leaders". Health-care specialists say that would allow insurance companies to raise prices, forcing sick people out of the market as was common before the the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010. "That's a disgusting statement for him to make". He added that Holder "has got some problems".

"Trump's condoning of political violence is part of a sustained pattern of attack on a free press - which includes labeling any reportage he doesn't like as "fake news" and barring reporters and news organisations whom he wishes to punish from press briefings and events", stated the letter, which was published on Thursday morning.

Although De Niro is an actor, not a politician, he has been a prominent critic of Mr. Trump. "Not just in terms of neo-Nazis, but also from people like Donald Trump", Beirich said. The president created the nickname "Crooked Hillary" during the campaign, and has accused her of a variety of crimes. He also recalled the 2017 Capitol Hill shooting that left several wounded, including Republican Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana.

"Lock him up", Trump repeated from the lectern, laughing. Even after Obama released his birth certificate, Mr. Trump did not follow through on his promise.

When asked if he saw his picture on the suspect's van - something that's been covered by multiple news agencies - the president said he had not.

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