Published: Mon, October 29, 2018
World News | By Laverne Osborne

White House invites Putin to Washington 'in early 2019'

White House invites Putin to Washington 'in early 2019'

"We have invited President Putin to Washington", Bolton said during a visit to Tbilisi, Georgia, according to The Guardian.

"We have invited president Putin to Washington", Bolton said.

Mr Trump's earlier invitation to Mr Putin sparked outcry in Washington, including from members of the president's Republican party, who argued Mr Putin was an adversary not worthy of a White House visit.

U.S. National security adviser John Bolton adjusts his glasses while speaking to the media during a news briefing following his meetings with Georgian officials in Tbilisi, Georgia, Friday, Oct. 26, 2018.

The idea of a second Trump-Putin summit was floated back in July.

On the question of whether the U.S. can impose sanctions on the owners of Russian sovereign debt, Bolton said he did not know about "any sanctions against the state debt", but explained that limitations may affect the national debt indirectly.

2,400-year-old trading vessel found
An worldwide team of scientists this week confirmed the Greek trading vessel is, in fact, the world's "oldest intact shipwreck". Adams said that the ship, both oar and sail-powered, would have been primarily used for trading, The Times reported .

Trump has said it is in US interests to establish a solid working relationship with Putin.

EUROPEAN nations are in "grave danger" of a Russian "counter-strike" if they host United States nuclear missiles, Vladimir Putin has chillingly warned. The leaders first met in Helsinki, Finland, in July.

"A range of sanctions have been imposed against Russia and part of them came after the Russia-Georgia war", Bolton said, in response to a journalist's question on how the U.S. has reacted to system illegal Russian actions in Georgia. Because we have such a wealth: I did a really good job.

US national-security adviser John Bolton says Washington had taken all necessary sanctions against Russian Federation related to the war it fought against Georgia in 2008. He also said that the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty that the planning to quit was "a relic of the Cold War".

Trump said Tuesday he will "probably" meet with Putin during the visit.

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