Published: Wed, October 31, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Wayne Curry

Apple confirms iOS 12.1 shipping today with 32-person Group Facetime

Apple confirms iOS 12.1 shipping today with 32-person Group Facetime

Make sure to give the new features a try and spam your friends with the new emoji tomorrow once the update starts rolling out.

Now that's not to say iOS 12 is a completely boring upgrade.

Will you be downloading the update? All that said, Apple's work with iOS 12 is far from over.

Apple has not specified a release date for iOS 12.1, though beta versions have been in testing since mid-September.

The update to iOS 12.1 also brings Group FaceTime.

Although all devices supporting iOS 12.1 can perform audio calls using Group FaceTime, only the iPhone 6S and later offer support for group video calls. Originally introduced at WWDC this past June, the feature didn't ship with the first incarnation of iOS 12. However, the iPad mini 4 has an A8 CPU and that will support video calling, making it very much the odd one out here. During a group call, Facetime will automatically detect the active participant and bring them to the forefront. It automatically sizes each person's image depending upon how active they are in the conversation, based on duration of speech, volume and even motion.

"FaceTime changed the way people communicate and share important moments, and now with Group FaceTime, it's easy to chat with more people than ever before - from 2 to 32 people".

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Most importantly, Apple has confirmed that the Group FaceTime session, be it one-to-one or multi-person, all are fully encrypted end to end so that they remain private and viewable only by the participants.

Do we already have enough emojis?

Etisalat is positioning itself as one of the first telcos in the world to offer e-SIM support for the new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.

This particular feature is pretty darn cool.

When Apple announced the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, the camera features were really talked up-especially the real-time depth of field control. With iOS 12.1, users can now dynamically adjust the depth of field in real-time preview in addition to post-capture, enabling more control to create portraits with a attractive background blur.

The iOS 12 makes the older phones like the iPhone 6+ and iPad Air much faster: 40 per cent faster app launches, 50 per cent faster keyboard opening, and nearly 70 per cent improvement in opening the camera, according to Apple. All three devices will thus relay support for two SIMs which will be active at the same time for call and data services.

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