Published: Wed, November 07, 2018
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Beyoncé endorses Beto O’Rourke hours before polls close

Beyoncé endorses Beto O’Rourke hours before polls close

But the battle with O'Rourke proved that many Texas conservatives remained angry after Cruz clashed bitterly with Trump in 2016 and refused to endorse him during the Republican National Convention.

Cruz tied himself to Trump in the final days of the campaign, inviting the president for a major rally in Texas.

"You told me this is very emotional for you", Haake noted. I have a preexisting condition that makes me vomit out of my eyes whenever I look at you.

"Which do you think was harder for Ted to forgive?" He finishes the interview by saying, "what does Ted Cruz have that you don't have, aside from the ability to regenerate his tail?"

"The Trump administration has "done quite enough to intimidate voters without staging military rehearsals on the day our nation exercises our most important democratic obligation", Burke said. See, because he's a reptile".

Obama urges Florida voters to support Democratic candidates
Lawmakers questioned Jackson's limited managerial experience and his fitness to run a department as sprawling as the VA. Texas had already recorded more votes than it did in all of 2014, including Election Day, the group said.

Aguirre, who brought her oxygen tank with her to the polls and was wearing a "Beto for Senate" shirt, saw the candidate for Senate and got very emotional. "See, because he's a disgusting fish monster". I'm not overwhelming scientific evidence of global warming!" and "Ted, quick question! O'Rourke supported various progressive initiatives, including the implementation of universal health care and looser immigration laws.

"Ted, is it true you will defend the constitution at all costs?"

The event comes as President Donald Trump has deployed thousands of active-duty service members to the border in response to a caravan of migrants from Central America moving through Mexico.

Then, finally, after years of waiting, Triumph finally came face-to-face with Cruz at a Republican rally. Triumph jokingly suggests that voters of color should "act more white" by dropping The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel into conversation, and mentioning Ed Sheeran as much as possible. Ted Cruz now lives inside of a burn ward.

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