Published: Thu, November 08, 2018
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Marijuana Legalized in Michigan, Other States Next?

Marijuana Legalized in Michigan, Other States Next?

North Dakotans decisively rejected a proposal to make marijuana legal for recreational purposes. Amendment 2 sets a marijuana tax of 4 percent, but doctors are allowed to recommend marijuana for any condition they see fit.

MI midterm voters have followed the precedent set by nine other states already legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Businesses will be issued licenses and cannabis will be subjected to a 10 percent excise tax in addition to a 6 percent state sales tax. According to the latest Gallup poll, two-thirds of Americans think marijuana should be legal for recreational use.

MI voters approved a measure permitting people over age 21 to smoke pot recreationally.

"Thanks to the unflagging efforts of patients and advocates, Missourians who could benefit from medical marijuana will soon be able to use it without fear of being treated like criminals", said Matthew Schweich, deputy director of the pro-legalization Marijuana Policy Project.

MI residents over 21 years old will soon be able to buy, possess, use, and grow marijuana.

Under Proposal 1, Michigan's state government will create regulations on: labeling and packaging of marijuana and marijuana products; and the advertising and marketing of marijuana, marijuana products, and marijuana businesses.

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The measure, which was endorsed by a national organization of black-owned businesses and a group of retired MI law enforcement officers, will create a state licensing system for marijuana businesses and allow cities and townships to restrict them.

Both Missouri and Utah were won handily by President Donald Trump in the 2016 general election, but Cowen analyst Vivien Azer says that support for marijuana is becoming more bipartisan.

Proposition No. 2 in Utah passed with about 53 percent of voters for the measure and about 47 percent against it. More than 60% of Florida voters voted in favor of a measure to restore voting rights to more than a million felons who have completed their sentences, reports CNN.

'Marijuana has now been legalized for adult use in one out of every five states and medical use in three out of every five, so it is safe to say federal law is in need of an update, ' Hawkins added.

Just yesterday, Senator Olga Sanchez, Mexican President-elect Andrew Manual Lopez Obrador's choice for interior minister, announced plans to submit a recreational marijuana bill to Congress.

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