Published: Sun, November 25, 2018
Sports | By Toni Houston

Trubisky doubtful for Bears’ Thanksgiving matchup with Lions

Trubisky doubtful for Bears’ Thanksgiving matchup with Lions

But just because the Packers have the weapons to cover on "Sunday Night Football" doesn't mean they will against a team that's had its number. I've got to bring the tempo. "They do a good job teaching the club, strip, those type of things, and they've had production". It's the most important game of the season so far.

Detroit (4-6) is in the middle of a three-game homestand that began with a victory over Carolina last weekend, but rookie running back Kerryon Johnson left that game with a knee injury.

"I think we have the squad to do it", Rodgers said this week. "I think a lot of that is the result of the respect they have for Todd". Aaron Rodgers has not played poorly, but this team continues to lose close games. Considering what happened the week before, considering that I like to go for two if we can and then considering that we as a staff liked our plays down there, it's just the way we went. "It gets a little bit convoluted when you start to say, you try to look at a stat and pair it with a player, it becomes maybe a bigger, more complicated picture than just a win-loss record and trying to judge performance". On defense, it's going to come down to the Packers secondary making stops, which they often have failed to do.

Think about any other "good" team having Dalvin Cook and Latavius Murray in their backfield and putting up less than 30 yards despite having nearly 20 touches.

It is pure insanity that before the draft the Vikings invested the most money in National Football League history in a player (who was known to throw bad picks when under duress), only to turn around and ignore investing in the offensive line in a meaningful way.

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On the Vikings' final possession in Los Angeles, eyeing a chance to tie the score and force overtime, Cousins was strip-sacked at the Rams' 48-yard line.

The NFL has been put on notice that Danielle Hunter is an vast talent that can single-handedly wreck a game, and on Sunday Night, Brian Bulaga and Bryon Bell will be given the responsibility to make sure that that does not happen. "We won a year ago on Thanksgiving night, and I don't think I played all that well and we won".

"It's all about execution and situational offense", Rodgers said. But for a team to take off the way we need to take off, we need those plays that jump out, those wild plays.

So both teams have health concerns coming into this game - and they haven't had much time to adjust to any potential lineup changes.

Fourth-quarter scoring has been a major issue for Green Bay on the road this season. Davis's speed is so dynamic that his blockers in some cases will only need to shield or chip a defender in order to provide enough of a lane for him to make a positive play. He has taken the Packers to the playoffs nine times, getting there eight seasons in a row at one point.

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